Teaching Experience

POLI4497 – The politics of contemporary India: democracy and identity (undergraduate seminar)
Boston College, Spring 2021

POLI2413 – The new worlds of welfare capitalism: state, citizens and social protection in comparative perspective
Boston College, Spring 2021

POLI2412 – Political institutions in the age of populism: parties, citizens and the state
Boston College, Fall 2020

POLI4496 – Democracy and political mediation in the Global South (undergraduate seminar)
Boston College, Spring 2020

POLI1091 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
Boston College, Spring 2020

POLI2407 – Introduction to South Asian Politics
Boston College, Fall 2019 and Fall 2020

6SSW0006 – Foreign Policies of South Asian Countries
King’s College, Spring 2019

7YYI0002 – India’s Political Economy
King’s College, Spring 2019

Instructor, First-year Writing Seminar, GOVT1100 – Identities in Contemporary India
Cornell University, Spring 2014

FWS Syllabus – Identities in Contemporary India_0408

Teaching Assistant, GOVT2553 – Inside Europe
Faculty instructor: Prof. Christopher Way, Cornell University, Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant, GOVT1313 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
Faculty instructor: Prof. Nic van de Walle, Cornell University, Spring 2016

Teaching Assistant, GOVT3665 – American Political Thought
Faculty instructor: Prof. Isaac Kramnick, Cornell University, Fall 2013

Teaching Assistant, GOVT1313 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
Faculty instructor: Prof. Andrew Mertha, Cornell University, Spring 2013

Teaching Assistant, GOVT3262 – Authoritarian Regimes
Faculty instructor: Prof. Valerie Bunce, Cornell University, Fall 2012